Monitoring Software

REPS Resource designs tools to analyze and monitor many types of data such as engine performance, production, work flows, and processes. These tools are compatible with our EDMS software to allow them to link back to
procedures or troubleshooting guides.  Some examples of capabilities include:


REPS Resource has developed solutions for mapping that work alongside our EDMS and monitoring tools or as a standalone system. Whether it’s a map for industrial repair shops or your campus, this software provides the following features:

Custom Software

Don’t see anything above that fits your needs?  We are always looking to create new programs to streamline processes.  We can develop using the following technologies and languages:

  • Web based dashboards                                                                 
  • Email and text alerts
  • Complex calculations and conversions
  • Interactive graphics
  • Data mining
  • Formatted reports
  • Record retention and retrieval
  • Data capture forms
  • Part routing and tracking
  • Time tracking on each operation
  • Tracks work performed and personnel performing work
  • 3D barcode scanning
  • Panoramic views
  • Emergency routes
  • ADA accessibility information
  • GPS routing on compatible devices
  • iBeacon hotspots and position triangulation in areas with low GPS reception
  • Indoor navigation

  • Interactive maps and tours
  • Hover features on buildings or zones
  • iOS, Windows, and Android compatible
  • Web based and App based interfaces
  • SVG format allows for unlimited resizing to produce printable maps
  • Linkable and embeddable into EDMS or monitoring software

  • HTML
  • PHP
  • JavaScript
  • XML
  • FTP

  • ibeacons
  • iOS, Windows, and Android apps
  • MySQL
  • Oracle
  • Visual Basic